The Importance of Keeping Appropriate Staffing


Keeping appropriate staffing in our healthcare facilities is vital for our healthcare personnel (HCP) to have a safe work setting and to provide safe patient care. This is an area where our healthcare staffing in New York can help. Most, if not all of our healthcare facilities have experienced staff shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Healthcare facilities must be prepared for circumstances like these. Here are helpful guides to follow:

  • Follow all vaccine requirements for HCP.
    Healthcare facilities must make sure that they follow strict compliance with all COVID-19 vaccine requirements for all of their HCP. It is recommended that they motivate their HCP to keep updated on all the COVID-19 vaccine doses.
  • Determine normal staffing requirements.
    Healthcare facilities must determine their normal medical staffing requirements and the least number of staff required to ensure a safe work setting and safe patient care during normal situations.
  • Comprehend the epidemiology of COVID-19 in the locality.
    It is of paramount importance that healthcare facilities comprehend the epidemiology of COVID-19-associated indicators such as community transmission levels. This would enable healthcare facilities to do the necessary measures such as the recruitment of additional HCP to help reduce or prevent the further spread of COVID-19 infections.
  • Maintain communication with healthcare coalitions and public health partners.
    It’s vital to keep good communication with healthcare coalitions in the locality as well as federal, state, and public health partners in the locality to determine the appropriate number of additional HCP to meet the staffing requirements.

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