Contingency Strategies to Address Staffing Shortages


Medical staff is the lifeblood of hospitals and other settings providing health care services.This is also the aim of the healthcare staffing in New York. But shortage in staff can happen during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. When this happens, it is essential to prepare and make plans to address the problem. These include the following:

  • Changing schedules of staff.
    Transfer healthcare personnel in these places to assist other patient’s care activities in the healthcare facility. And it is important to give them the proper orientation and training to perform tasks well in their new assignments.
  • Address social factors.
    It’s recommended to resolve social factors that may hinder HCP such as a physical therapist from going to work. You can do that by providing transport or housing, which makes it possible to have physical distancing, especially if the HCP is living with people who have underlying medical issues or seniors.
  • Employ additional HCP.
    Determine if there’s a need to employ additional HCP to work in the healthcare facility and the appropriate number. Always be updated on emergency waivers provided by the state or any modifications to the licensure criteria or renewals of chosen HCP categories.
  • Ask HCP to postpone elective time off.
    If appropriate, request from the HCP to postpone the elective day off or time off. But the mental health advantages of having time off should always be considered, and the obligations for care-taking may vary significantly with each staff member. This should be given importance in healthcare or medical staffing.

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