Green Card Application for Physical Therapists


There are major steps to obtaining a green card as a Schedule A physical therapist in the U.S. The application process involves the United States Department of Labor, USCIS, and/or the U.S. embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

For occupations that fall in the employment-based category, the petitioning employer must have an approved Labor Certification from the Department of Labor. This certification will demonstrate that the employer has tested the labor market in his or her geographical area to confirm that there are no qualified and available local workers for that specific occupation.

Then, the employer will file an I-140 form, also known as Immigrant Petition for an Alien Worker. In this petition, he or she must prove that the prospective employee has all the requirements for the Schedule A visa. It will also show that the employee has the minimum qualifications for the job position. For physical therapists and other medical workers, a medical staffing agency can very well assist in these processes.

If the employee is processing an EB-2 green card from outside the U.S., he or she will have to travel to a U.S. embassy or consulate in his or her country of residence. This process is known as green card consular processing. But if you come from the U.S. and are looking for assistance in getting a job, you may directly consult our service for healthcare staffing in New York.

If you want to know more about green card applications or medical staffing, call AMERISTAR STAFFING INC., and our staffing services in Richmond Hill, New York will help you out!

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