Some Major Risks of Hiring In-House You Must Know About


Outsourcing your staffing needs may simply be a matter of convenience and practicality for you, with advantages such as reduced training costs, lower overhead costs, and easier hiring processes, among others.

But did you know that there are also risks of doing your hiring in-house?

As an agency providing staffing services in Richmond Hill, New York at AMERISTAR STAFFING INC., here are some of the major issues you may be putting your business at risk for when you do:

  • Increased turnover

    Replacing one employee can have a huge financial impact on your business. While hiring internally may be cost-effective in the short term, when your hire turns out to be unfit for the role, you may have to replace them or stick with them a little longer to find a replacement, increasing your turnover rates.

  • Productivity loss

    Aside from having one less employee to do the share of the work, choosing in-house hiring over hiring a medical staffing agency can add another responsibility to your plate. From the advertising costs of posting the vacancy to weeding through applicants to the actual interview, this will definitely affect your productivity levels.

  • Impact company bankroll

    Adding a new hire to your payroll does not stop with their salary, you will also have to provide them with benefits, worker’s compensation, and any unemployment costs, among others.

Avoid these risks and focus on your core services. Count on our healthcare staffing in New York to find you the right fit for your vacancies. Contact us today!

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