Finding the Best Workplace for You


Healthcare and medical staffing agencies play a vital role in helping healthcare professionals find the best workplace for them. At Ameristar Staffing Inc., we help drive the healthcare workforce by helping career finders be with an employer where their skill set best fits.

Here are some ways in which we help healthcare professionals in their job search:

  • Job Placement

    We have access to job openings at various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and private practices, where we match your qualifications, experience, and preferences to help you secure a job.

  • Career Guidance

    As a staffing agency, we provide career guidance to healthcare professionals by helping them identify their strengths, weaknesses, and career goals to guide them in choosing the best career path.

  • Resume Building

    We help healthcare professionals build resumes and cover letters by providing tips on making their resumes stand out and highlighting their skills and qualifications.

  • Interview Preparation

    Being professionals in healthcare staffing, we can provide interview tips, conduct mock interviews, and help healthcare professionals prepare for commonly asked interview questions.

  • Flexibility

    Through our staffing services in New York, healthcare professionals can have the flexibility to work on a temporary, permanent, or per-diem basis, which gives them opportunities to work in different healthcare settings and gain experience in various specialties.

We are a team of care staffing professionals in Richmond Hill, New York, that can help jumpstart your career in healthcare. For questions about how you can be one of us, you can reach out through our email or phone number.

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